Ragg's...To Riches?

Rico Depot

The Highest Quality Laser-cut Craftsman Kits for Model Railroads


After designing model railroad structure kits for other manufacturers for more than 10 years (since 1993), we took the next step and purchased a laser to produce our own line in 2004, starting with the Ouray Depot in S-scale. By 2012 we had more than 50 structure kits available in HO, S, and O scales, and had designed more than 100 kits for the hobby. At that point the business had completely overtaken our lives and there was no time to do anything else. The business was 7-days a week, 10- to 14-hour days. We decided to drastically cut back our product line and only produce seven more new kits that we'd promised modelers over the years. Now it's 2015 and we've released kit #5, the Crested Butte Depot in S, leaving the final installment of the Rose-Walsh Smelter (S) and the HO Maude Monroe (a.k.a. Hukill) Mine to produce. Once these final kits are produced we will probably continue to dabble in the business simply because it can be enjoyable and rewarding, provided we don't allow it to take over our lives.

In spite of the cut backs, our standards remain the same. ALL the kits in our line REPRESENT REAL STRUCTURES that either once existed or are still standing. No caricatures! We have worked to make them as accurate as possible. More than once our customers have told us the finished models are of museum quality -- something of which we are very proud.

We only use the best of materials -- no cardboard, no plastic windows or doors. All kits are laser-cut and engineered with an extensive slot and tab design for easier construction and a stronger model. The roofing shingles are always peel-and-stick and are made from a special textured paper of a thickness appropriate for the building's scale. If the structure incorporates an inner plywood core, all outer wall overlays are peel-and-stick as well as all windows, doors, and most trim. We should point out that the adhesive used with our peel-and-stick parts is a very aggressive industrial product, far different than what most modelers have worked with in the past. The bond actually becomes stronger over time.

Chimneys, finials, and detail parts are nearly always unique to each prototype, cast from new masters. Decals, door knobs, and lock plates are always included.

Our instructions also set our line apart from others. They have gained notoriety as being some of the best on the market. We feel a modeler shouldn't have to "second guess" the assembly of a fine kit. Step-by-step instructions accompanied by numerous photographs and Parts Layout Diagrams are included in each kit, as well as suggestions for adhesives, useful tools to have on hand, and paints for finishing your model.


Although the kits are not extremely difficult to assemble (some are easier than others!), they may be a challenge for the first-time builder. If you carefully follow the instructions, you shouldn't have any problems.

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-- Joe Fuss --
....the " Ragg!"

(What's with the business's name? More than forty years ago I was tagged with the nickname "Ragg" due to certain personality traits (which have mellowed over the years). The label stuck and my friends still address me as either "Ragg" or "Raggman". I initially considered several "railroad-type" names for the business, but thought I'd have a little fun for a change, be a little less serious, and simply call it "Ragg's". The "...To Riches?" part was an afterthought and is purely wishful thinking. I'll take no offense if t
he next time we see each other you call out "Hey, Ragg!")