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Rico Depot

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Have you ever wondered why a kit you're building looks vaguely like a Ragg's kit-- at least in how the pieces fit and how they go together? Even though it may have been produced by someone else, I may have designed it. We may even have cut the parts. I've been designing laser cut kits since 1993 and have worked with many other folks to deliver them to you. I believe the number we've designed stands at 120 kits to date. We finally had to stop designing for others around 2007 because our own line had become so popular there just wasn't time to do more.

Several of our designs have also served as the basis by others to produce the same kit in other scales, particularly our depots. The number of RGS/D&RGW depots that have been produced from our designs continues to amaze me. As it stands, I believe only one depot on the RGS (Vance Junction) hasn't been some result of a Ragg's kit.

It should also be mentioned that the popular belief that reproducing a kit in another scale is simply a short exercise in "scaling". That's not the case at all. Unless the kit is straightforward (4 sides and a roof), it isn't a simple matter of "scaling" to produce the structure in other scales. Yes, the dimensions can be scaled, but the materials always remain the same. For example, 1/16 plywood is still 1/16 inch thick whether you're using it in N-scale or O-scale, which will really mess you up if you're trying to simply change the scale of a design. Suddenly, overlapping parts don't fit, tabs are too long, or slots are too big. You can "scale" a few critical dimensions when repeating a design in another scale, but in the end, each piece must be redrawn. It's pretty much an entirely new design.

I compiled the three tables below listing the kits we've designed for both ourselves and others over the years. PLEASE don't call or email asking if the kits are still available. If they aren't listed on our main webpage, they aren't available. And please remember that we're STILL trying to retire (i.e., work on my own railroad!). Your best bet for locating a kit no longer produced is to drop a note to the appropriate Yahoo!Group (HOn3, Sn3, On3, On30) asking if someone is willing to part with theirs.



Ridgway Depot

2005 (HO)

Ragg's $225 (HO) My first design (S-scale, cut by American Model Builders in 1993). BMW later produced this kit in S and O. Ragg's updated the design and produced the HO kit in 2005.
Dolores Depot
S 2000 BMW   BMW may have used this kit for an HO version (O?). It was also used as the basis for their Ophir Depot.
Rico Depot
HO, S, O

2009 (HO) 2002 (S) 2012 (O)

BMW, Ragg's $225 (HO) $325 (O) BMW produced the S kit in 2002. Ragg's produced the HO kit in 2009; the O in 2012
Silverton Depot
S 2000 BMW   BMW used the S-scale design to produce the kit in HO (and O?)
Telluride Depot
S, HO 2004 (S) 2007 (HO) BMW, Ragg's $175 (HO) This was the final kit (S-scale version) we did for BMW.
Phillips Depot (Maine)
S 2002 BMW   It's probable that the design was also used by BMW for the HO and O kits.
Mina Depot (Nevada)
HO 2003 Never Produced   This design was done for Tru-Scale Models but never produced.
Jamestown Depot
HO 2004 Scaletown Models   Scaletown Models acted through BMW to have Ragg's design the kit.
Ouray Depot
S,O 2004 (S) 2007 (O) Ragg's $185 (S) $235 (O) The first kit we produced entirely by ourselves.
Placerville Depot
HO, S, O 2005 (HO, S, O) Ragg's $130 (HO) $145 (S) $185 (O)  
Laurel Depot (California)
HO 2004 Rio Grande Models    
Randolph Depot (Maine)
HO, S 2005 (HO) 2007 (S) Stevens Creek Models (HO), Ragg's (S) $145 (S)  
Durango Depot
HO, S, O 2005 (HO) 2009 (S) 2006 (O) Ragg's $235 (HO) $239 (S) $280 (O) HO kit limited rerun in 2014/2015

Bel Air Depot (Pennsylvania)

HO 2008 Ragg's $155 This kit was done for the Maryland & Pennsylvania Historical Society
Mancos Depot

2012 (S)

Ragg's $239  
Crested Butte Depot
S, HO 2015 (S) 2018 (HO) Ragg's $250 (S) $225 (HO)  
Silverton Northern Depot
S 2020 Ragg's $225  



Icing Platform


Bar Mills   Generic, standard gauge ice platform designed for Bar Mills
West Side Dispatcher's Office
HO, S, O 2005 Rio Grande Models    
Dolores Section Foreman's House
HO, S, O 2005 (HO) 2005 (S) 2013 (O) Ragg's $89.00 (HO) $95.00 (S) $125.00 (O) This structure was actually a SEARS Craftsman "KIT" Home, seen throughout the US in nearly every city and town.
West Side Warehouse #2 & Meat Shed
HO 2005 Rio Grande Models    
West Side Watchman's Shanty

2006 (All four versions)

Rio Grande Models   An EARLY and a LATE version of this structure was designed in both HO and O.
Ouray Engine House
S, O 2006 (S) 2008 (O) Ragg's $140 (S) $230 (O) These kits featured complete interior framing detail. Interior detail sets were also available.
Durango Coaling Tower
S, O 2006 (O) 2008 (S) Ragg's $240 (S) $260 (O) A very involved, highly detailed kit, featuring nearly 50 Grandt Line parts/sprues of parts.
Durango Sand House
O 2008 Ragg's $150.00 Great detail castings for the tower.
Randolph Roundhouse
HO 2006 Stevens Creek Models    
Sanders Water Tank (Early)
S, O 2007 (S) 2007 (O) Ragg's $45.00 (S) $55.00 (O)  
Sanders Water Tank (Late)
S, O 2007 (S) 2007 (O) Ragg's $45.00 (S) $55.00 (O)  
Kitchen Car Roof Vents
HO, S 2010 (HO) 2010 (S) Rio Grande Models   The design allowed you to add the roof vent to a box car when outfitted as a Kitchen Car



Montezuma Fruit Warehouse
S 2001 (approx.) Never produced   This kit was designed for BMW but never produced. We MAY produce it in the future.
Ridgway's Park Hotel
S 2001 (approx.) BMW   I designed the front for this stucture for my own railroad. BMW cut it from acrylic and eventually developed it as a kit.
Majestic Hardware
N, HO, S, O 2002 (N, HO) 2003 (S) 2004 (O) Bar Mills    
Saulenas Tavern
S, O 2003 Bar Mills   Note, I did not design the HO kit.
Idaho Hotel
S,O 2003 Bar Mills   Note, I did not design the HO kit.
Wicked Wanda's
HO, S, O 2003 (HO,O) 2004 (S) Bar Mills    
Swanson's Lunch Counter
N, HO, S,O 2003 Bar Mills    
Booty Corner
HO, S 2003 (HO) 2004 (S) Bar Mills   These kits included the barber shop.
Buster's Barbershop
O 2004 Bar Mills    
Gravely Building
HO, S, O 2004 (HO, S) 2005 (O) Bar Mills    
West Side Car Sprayer/Valve House
HO, S, O 2005 (?) Rio Grande Models    
Telluride's BATHS Building
HO, S, O 2006 (HO) 2005 (S, O) Ragg's $75.00 (HO) $85.00 (S) $89.00 (O)  
Telluride's Brunswick Saloon
HO, S, O 2006 (HO) 2005 (S, O) Ragg's $65.00 (HO) $70.00 (S) $80.00 (O)  
West Side Camp Reynolds Sheds
HO 2005 Rio Grande Models    
West Side Saw Filers Shack
HO 2005 Rio Grande Models   This kit included a neat interior.
F. D. Work Building
S, O 2005 (S) 2006 (O) Ragg's $155.00 (S) $195.00 (O) From Telluride, Colorado
Hotel Lemmon
S,O 2006 (O) 2011 (S) Ragg's $115.00 (S) $125.00 (O) From Mancos, Colorado
Hogan's Hardware
S 2006 Scenery Unlimited (Heimberger)    
Small Boiler House
O 2006 Ragg's $25.00  
Aladdin's General Store
HO, S, O 2008 (HO) 2007 (S) 2008 (O) Ragg's $175.00 (HO) $155.00 (S) $230.00 (O) From Aladdin, Wyoming, a really great country store. A castings detail set was optional.
F. D. Work Building FRONT
O 2007 Ragg's $125.00 This was our only "front only" design that we produced as a kit.
Blakley's Service Station
O 2007 Ragg's $169.00 This kit included interior doors, trim, and many detail castings.
Ouray's Gordan Kimball's Store
HO, S, O 2008 Ragg's $70.00 (HO) $80.00 (S) $100.00 (O) The large front windows allowed for some great interiors!
Dolores CONOCO Plant
HO, S, O 2009 Ragg's $149.00 (HO) $220.00 (S) $289.00 (O) Great catwalk, cast tanks, injection molded parts, and numerous warehouses/out buildings. The CONOCO tank truck was produced in S.
West Side Bunk House
HO, S, O 2009 Ragg's $22.00 (HO) $28.00 (S) $34.00 (O) These kits are now available through Wild West Scale Model Builders (wildwestmodels.com)
Maude Monroe Mine
S 2010 Ragg's $195.00 A.K.A. the Hukill Mine. This kit is still available and contains the headframe and hoist house. The next two designs include the support buildings.
Mine Buildings Set 1
S 2010 Ragg's $65.00 Change House and Carpenter's Shop to support the Maude Monroe mine. Still available.
Mine Buildings Set 2
S 2010 Ragg's $80.00 Office, Compressor Bldg., Water Tank, and Outhouse to support the Maude Monroe mine. Still available.
Rose-Walsh Smelter
HO,S 2011, 2016 Ragg's

$535.00 (HO)

$495.00 (S)

The HO kit (complete) is said to have more than 3,000 parts. The S-scale kit was broken down into 3 separate kits. This kit's out of production.

Cranberry Church
HO, S 2011 (HO) 2013 (S) Ragg's $125.00 (HO) $150.00 (S) From the Tweetsie. Included many custom made injection molded parts by John Socha-Leialoha.
Office/Assay Building
S 2014 Ragg's $125.00 First installment of the smelter in S. Many modelers have adapted the (flexible) kit to fit other industries. Still available.
Receiving Shed/Ore Bins
S 2014 Ragg's $165.00 Second installment of the smelter in S. Included Receiving Shed, 22 ore bins, and 6 materials bins. Out of production.
Placerville Warehouse
S, HO, O 2019 Ragg's $155.00 (S) $130.00 (HO) $195.00 (O) O scale kit is out of produciton.
JJ Harris Warehouse

2020 (S) 2021 (HO)

Ragg's $225.00 (S) $210.00 (HO)